Vertical Effluent Pump

for Transfer

The reliable Yardmaster® Pump for effluent transfer is ideal for green water with solids and floating frame applications.


  • Non-clog impeller partially macerates soft materials so that solids will not pass into the line and cause blockages. The Yardmaster will also pump solids such as sand and gravel, is self-priming and can run dry.
  • Deflecting shaft can move up to 1/2" either side of the centre which allows the impeller to "walk" over obstacles until cleared.
  • The smaller model Yardmasters have a by-pass that agitates the liquid and solids around the pump head so that the solids are continually taken up with liquid. This by-pass also functions as a secondary inlet whilst the impeller cuts away the lumps which may temporarily have obstructed the main flow. Fluid velocity in the line is maintained.
  • The Heavy Duty bearings sit above the liquid level. This feature makes them trouble free and long wearing.
  • The motor is supplied mounted on top of the pump, away from any moisture or obstruction. No special fittings or guards are needed. Pumps can be provided for belt driven, hydraulic, air, petrol and diesel power drive.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

Ideal for...

Yardmaster pumps can be found in use from dairy sheds to meat processing plants, from wool scowers to sawmills shifting sawdust

NOTE: Full modification options available for specific requirements

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Yardmaster Vertical Effluent Pump

PartsEffluent Pump Parts

A.......... Reynolds Reflex Coupling
B...........Motor Mounting Bracket and Spacer box
C ......... Spigot Bearing Unit (upper and lower identical)
D.......... Shaft
E ..........Tie bolt and nuts
F...........Gland seal assembly
G.......... Lower assembly stem
H.......... Casing
I ........... Face plate
K...........Impeller retaining nut
L ..........Face plate retaining bolts
M......... Suction extending tube and face plate (optional)

Basic Dimensions

Note: If liquid level B is exceeded then bearings will become submerged. Always ensure that liquid will
escape via an overflow just before dimension B is reached. Casing must be submerged before pumping
will begin.


The performance curves stated below are those for water. When slurries, manures and effluents are to be pumped, delivery, head and power will alter. For viscous liquid-solid combinations seek assistance from your agent or contact Reid & Harrison direct. Calculations can be made that will give details of the size of pump required for the task and specifications of performance.