Static Screen Separator

The Static Screen Separator offers separation without mechanical operation or power and achieves a high level of solids and particle removal.

Requiring no power, the Static Screen Separator has no moving parts and can be used as a primary separator for your effluent system.

Suited to flow rates of up to 20m3 per hour and a solids loading of between 5-10%, the Yardmaster® Static Screen is designed to give ease of operation plus high percentage solids removal utilising the large surface area stainless steel wedge wire screen apertures as per farms requirements. 
The SS30 Static Screen comes with an integrated wash system inside the hood that incorporates 24 high-pressure wide-angle nozzles. Automation can be used to control the wash cycle. This to ensure that solids do not dry on the screen or accumulate between processing cycles.

  • No mechanical or moving parts
  • 24 nozzle high-pressure wash system
  • High capacity throughput – effective range of up to 20 m3 per hour for FDE
  • More suited to dairy shed effluent
  • Moist solids
  • High capture rate of solids – 0.5mm screen
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • Automated wash system available as an option
  • High quality workmanship

Ideal for...

Very small particles, No power

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Yardmaster Static Screen Separator