Horizontal Multi-stage Pump

for 'Processed' Irrigation

A high efficiency / pressure pump ideal for irrigation of green water with small solids and flood feed applications.

This new generation of multi-stage pumps are a worlds first featuring a patented* multi-stage design capable of passing fibre as well as small solids. For low flow & high head effluent systems, this design results in huge power savings when compared with traditional single stage high head pumps.

  • Higher pressures for less horsepower
  • Primary impeller jets flow through to secondary impellers, increasing pressure at each stage
  • Handles solids particles up to 10-12mm in size
  • Pump bearings and motor are out of the liquid
  • Sealed pump housing retains pressure in the pumping system and allows for multiple mounting configurations
  • Ability to upgrade with more stages if pumping requirements change
  • Up to 40% efficiency increase over standard pumps means lower running costs
  • Designed for easy access and serviceability meaning minimised service costs
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Horizontal Features...

  • Easy and safe access for pump maintenance
  • No need for a floating frame

Ideal for...

Greenwater for a high head and/or long distance to irrigation, also for travelling rain guns.

NOTE: Full modification options available for specific requirements

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Yardmaster Horizontal Multi-stage Pump


Performance figures are based on average test results from production pumps. Specific performance test curves can be supplied against order

1-4 STAGES / Performance Curves - TWO POLE (2800 rpm)

IMPELLERS: Ist Stages: 4v, 162 dia. Final Stage: 4v 195 dia

Due to continuous product development, Reid & Harrison reserve the right to change specification without notice.