Extender Pump

for Irrigation

Designed for deep sumps, an extended version of the Yardmaster® Vertical Effluent Pump for irrigation. Ideal for green water with solids.

  • The Yardmaster extended shaft pump is an ideal solution for deep sump situations where pontoons are not suitable
  • Pumps can be made to any length required up-to 3m, keeping the pump head at the bottom of the sump
  • Using a mechanical seal and at least one additional bearing, these pumps have an oil filled column
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Ideal for...

situations where floating farms are not suitable
NOTE: Full modification options available for specific requirements

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Yardmaster Extender Pump


The performance curves stated below are those for water. When slurries, manures and effluents are to be pumped, delivery, head and power will alter. For viscous liquid-solid combinations seek assistance from your agent or contact Reid & Harrison direct. Calculations can be made that will give details of the size of pump required for the task and specifications of performance.