Weeping Walls

for Effluent Separation

Offering a solution to farmers on effluent screening , RX Plastics has developed a weeping wall using a triangular shaped profile of PVC.  Traditionally weeping walls have been made from timber, which has a disadvantage of swelling under wet conditions and shrinking under dry conditions .  This causes the spacings in a weeping wall to be inconsistent in turn allowing solids to pass through the screen. The introduction of the PVC effluent bar as a medium has provided a product that does not break down over time, does not swell or shrink and provides a consistent gap for solids removal.

The design of differing gaps between profiles and various sized panels makes this an ideal solution to a variety of pond styles and effluent types.  The triangular bar gives a higher physical strength to the wall and the shape allows efficient liquid flow while holding back solids. 


  • Made of PVC with high physical strength
    - High UV stability
    - Non-corroding - won’t rust
    - Will not swell or warp
    - Will not rot
    - Smooth surfaces
  • Triangular bar shape, provides more flow and self cleaningBenefits


  • Separates valubale effluent into components taht are more easily managed and distributed
  • Triangular bar gives maximum strength and no barrier to effluent liquid flow while holding back solids
  • Made from an effiecient bar extrusion that allows various gap spacing between bars (standard spacings are; 4mm, 6mm and 8mm)
  • We have a range of sizes available (standard sizes are are; 1210mm wide x 1200mm high, 1000mm wide x 1500mm high and 610mm wide x 2000mm high), please refer to your consultant for advice on what size pnels would best suit your requiremenst


  • Grenn water with minimal suspended solids

Selecting gap size

4mm Gap

  • Hosing straight off a yard or flood wash
  • Low fibrous material
  • Relatively high water content

6mm Gap

  • Hosing straight off a yard or flood wash
  • Average / normal fibrous material
  • Average / normal water content

8mm Gap

  • For use inn feed lots where the yards are scaped to clean
  • High fibrous material
  • Relatively low water content

How many panels do you need?

Rule of thumb is 1 panel per 100 cows would be needed per drying bed


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