Horizontal Effluent Pump

for Irrigation

A variation of the Yardmaster® Vertical Pump, a hi speed effluent pump for irrigation, ideal for green water with solids and flood feed applications.

  • The Yardmaster Horizontal Suction Pump is an alternative where the vertical mount pumps are not a suitable solution
  • Using a simple bearing pedestal design direct coupled to an electric motor, these pumps operate a 4” suction inlet
  • With a high grade mechanical seal installed, the bearings are protected from your liquid
  • Performance figures are equivalent to the standard Yardmaster pump range
  • With a more industrial based market application, the Yardmaster Horizontal Suction Pump is available in stainless steel or standard cast iron
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Ideal for...

Ideal in situations where the vertical mount pumps are not a suitable solution

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Yardmaster Horizontal Effluent Pump


The performance curves stated below are those for water. When slurries, manures and effluents are to be pumped, delivery, head and power will alter. For viscous liquid-solid combinations seek assistance from your agent or contact Reid & Harrison direct. Calculations can be made that will give details of the size of pump required for the task and specifications of performance.